Photonic Professional GT2 Nanoscribe

The Photonic Professional GT2 Nanoscribe is equipped with a Carl Zeiss Optical Microscope (Objectives with optical magnifications: ×10, ×20, ×25 and ×63) and a laser system (class 3B, wavelength 780 nm, pulse duration 80-120 fs, repetition rate: 80 MHz). This device is intended to be used as 3D printer for the fabrication of polymeric nano/microstructures (nanoscale printing: down to 160nm spatially, microscale printing: 50-700µm typically, mesoscale printing: in mm dimensionally). The technology is based on a lithographic additive or subtractive process with resins or resists as basic material on a substrate. The Photonic Professional GT2 Nanoscribe is owned and operated by the Selhuber group.

For more information please contact Dr. Mehran Mehrabanian.