Glovebox System with Spincoaters and Thermal Evaporators

Two modular glovebox systems (GS Glovebox Systemtechnik) are available.

One glovebox system allows for solution-processing of organic materials. It contains 2 spin-coaters, several hotplates with magnetic stirrers and a microbalance with an ionizer.

The other glovebox system consists of three connected gloveboxes and two thermal evaporators (Mantis Deposition Ltd.) integrated in the cleanroom wall.

The evaporator for the depostion of organic materials features 6 sources and enables co-deposition on rotating substrates at a controlled elevated temperature. The evaporator for the deposition of metals and other contact materials (Al, Ca, MoO3, Au, Ag, Cr, LiF, etc.) also features 6 sources. Up to 6-inch wafers can be coated. Both evaporators are accessible from the service corridor and can be operated and loaded from either side. Contact: Martijn Kemerink.