Gas Sorption Analyzer Quantachrome Autosorb IQ 3

The Quantachrome Autosorb IQ 3 is capable of measuring single gas isotherms at various temperatures on three independent sample stations simultaneously. Standard low-pressure nitrogen sorption at 77 K or argon sorption at 87 K can be used to investigate porous materials with respect to their specific surface area, pore volume or pore size distribution. Furthermore, the sorption behaviour of gases such as H2, CO2 or CH4, etc. gives insight into potential applications of the investigated materials for gas separation and/or storage. The setup is equipped with a cryocooler, which is continuously adjustable in a temperature range from 20 to 320 K. Thin film materials can be investigated by krypton sorption at 77 or 87 K to obtain information about their surface properties, which is of particular interest in organic electronics and sensor applications.

For more information please contact Dr. Sven Elbert (OCI, Mastalerz group).