3D Nanofabrication, nanoGLAD & combinatorial materials discovery

We have advanced physical fabrication methods, such that they can be used for the rapid growth of hundreds of billions of nano-structures. Unlike any other growth method, it can combine multiple functional materials in one and the same complex 3D nanostructure. Our current research focus is on combinatorial methods for materials discovery & sensing.

We use a known highly parallel and fast patterning method (Block Co-polymer Micellar Nanolithography) to deposit nanoparticles from solution at the wafer scale. These are then used as seed points for a physical vapor shadow (glancing angle) deposition. Under computer control and cooling the substrate can be manipulated, angled and rotated, such that discrete nano-structures grow in a highly parallel fashion on an entire wafer. We can easily program shapes and the resultant structures are uniform. We use aour fabrication setups to grow designer nanostructures for a range of projects, e.g.:

  • Nanopropellers
  • Photonic nanoantennas
  • Chiral plasmonics
  • Protected nanocolloids
  • Nanocolloids
  • Chemically active nanomotors
  • Magnetic nanostructures
  • Thin films and coatings

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