IMSEAM groups

Fischer group

We combine research on the physics and chemistry at small scales with micro- and nano-systems engineering to develop new active systems that move, sense and learn. Our group has broad interests in the interaction of optical, magnetic and ultrasound fields with matter at small length scales. We have observed a number of fundamental effects and are developing new experimental techniques and instruments.

Kemerink group

Our research program focuses on innovative device concepts for, amongst others, energy harvesting, data storage and actuation. Together with collaboration partners we develop, investigate and model the novel molecular materials and device architectures that are needed to bring these concepts to live.

Selhuber-Unkel group

We are an interdisciplinary group working at the interface of materials science and life science. Our academic backgrounds range from biotechnology and chemistry to materials science and medical engineering. Furthermore, nearly every project combines disciplines to approach longstanding scientific problems with novel and innovative perspectives. In addition, together we represent over 10 countries spanning the globe!