Associated groups in the institute

Deschler group

The Deschler group runs and scientifically leads the fs-laser lab at the IMSEAM.

Current focus of the group are functional materials that tackle the climate challenge by facilitating energy generation, storage and conversion from renewable sources, thereby providing a path towards a sustainable energy infrastructure, for example in solar harvesting, solid state lighting or information technologies.

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Gräter group

Proteins are exposed to and tightly regulated by mechanical forces, altering their dynamics, reactivity, and function. The major interest of the Gräter group is to decipher how proteins have been designed to specifically respond to mechanical forces in or outside of the cell.

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Kivala group

The focal point of our research program is the synthesis and study of heteroatom-doped polycyclic aromatic scaffolds with the aim to i) investigate the influence of interior heteroatoms on their fundamental structural, electronic, and materials characteristics and ii) apply the resulting compounds as active materials in organic optoelectronic devices.

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Thomas group

A protein’s three-dimensional structure is crucial for its biological function. Exploring of how the protein sequence and posttranslational modifications determine the structure is fundamental to an improved understanding of the mechanisms of protein folding and misfolding. Beyond that, this knowledge can be used to design new peptides and proteins with novel structures and functions.

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