Colleagues Featured in RNZ!

The top photo depicts two of our group members, PhD student Sophie Geiger and master's student Philipp Kollenz working with a sample being analyzed by Atomic Force Microscopy.

Best Presenter Award won by PhD student Tobias Spratte!


Congratulations to group member Tobias Spratte for winning an award for giving the best presentation! The prize was awarded at the 5th International Conference on Soft Materials (ICSM 2022) in Jaipur, India. 

Tobias presented a poster entitled "Stimuli Responsive Hydrogel Actuators for Microfluidic Applications". The prize is a two-year student membership of the Soft Materials Research Society (SMRS Jaipur).

Group retreat 2022

Group members recently went on a retreat near the town of Ottersweier to enjoy the snow. People indulged in activities ranging from scientific discussions about projects to austrian gangster Uno!!

Welcome our new PhD student!

Zeynab Tavasolyzadeh recently joined the group as a first year PhD student. Her project will focus on 2-photon polymerization techniques in 3D printing. Welcome Zeynab!

Welcome to a new post-doc!


Dr. Wang Zhe, who previously worked at NUS in Singapore has just joined the group. He will work on setting up a nonlinear optical device.

A new postdoc has just joined!


Welcome our new postdoc, Barbara Schamberger. Barbara just earned her PhD from the University of Salzburg, where she studied the influence of surface geometry on tissue growth in the Mophophysics group. Her role here in the group will be to study the interaction of biological materials with 3D printed structures.device.

Molecular Systems Engineering for Bioapplications (MSEB) Conference


Have a look at some information about our group's recent conference here.

PhD Defended!


Congratulations to our latest group member to earn her PhD! Last week, Qiyang Jiang successfully defended her thesis entitled "Two-photon sensitive biomaterials for dynamic control of cellular microenvironments"!

PhD Defended and first Uni Heidelberg Dr.-Ing.!


Congratulations to our latest group member to earn her PhD! Earlier today, Christine Arndt successfully defended her thesis entitled "Microengineered Conductive Scaffolds for Cell-Based Actuation"!

Ms. Arndt was the first student to obtain the honorific Dr.-Ing. from Heidelberg University!

Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel was interviewed by The Life in Science Podcast!


Our group's principal investigator, Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel recently granted an interview to The Life in Science Podcast. There she discussed her journey in science, as well as a range of topics relevant to the group's work. Have a listen here or here

Paper Accepted!


Several group members have taken part in authoring an Advanced Materials Technologies paper entitled "Increasing the Efficiency of Thermoresponsive Actuation at the Microscale by Direct Laser Writing of pNIPAM". Congratulations to Tobias Spratte, Sophie Geiger, Federico Colombo, Ankit Mishra, Mohammadreza Taale, and Christine Selhuber-Unkel!


Congratulations to group member Dr.-Ing. Sandra Sindt on her recent thesis defense!



Group member Sandra Sindt recently defended her thesis and is now officially "Dr.-Ing. Sandra Sindt"! Her thesis is entitled, "Cells as Living Materials: Force Spectroscopic Investigation of Mechanotransduction". Congratulations Sandra!